Staging in Athens

GE DIGITAL CAMERA My first week in Greece went by quickly. I’m staying with the Cosmopoulos family in Melissia, north of the center and they’ve been very sweet and hospitable, showing me great hospitality. Mostly running around buying art supplies that I couldn’t bring on the plane, buying a cell phone, and making other preparations, but I was able to visit the Parthenon museum and the walk around the Theseum. So inspiring!

Many people have asked me how I find the Greek people. Well, I can make only a few superficial, quick observations after one week. I see differences from my last trip–people are definitely much more depressed and their kefi is not as before.  But, in many ways, life goes on as before. People look to find their way–both university students and school kids are in their exam period. Some people can’t get away from Athens for vacation, but many are planning their exodus to their village homes.

My path led me to two different people who offered to exhibit my work at the end of summer. One of the places is in an 19th century house in the Monastiraki district, which is now hosting the Athens Fringe Festival, the same festival that started in Edinburgh.

Finally, tonight I’ll take a ship to Lesvos! It’s a nine hour trip through the night, across the Aegean towards the north. I hope I’ll see some dolphins!

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1 Response to Staging in Athens

  1. janetosjim says:

    Isn’t there a song about “Leaving on a Midnight Boat to Lesvos” ?

    Have a nice trip!

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