Gone Fishing

This is Antonios mugging with two dogfish from his morning catch. Very nice guy.  He had carried my very heavy suitcases down some narrow stone steps to the room I rented when I first arrived on Lesvos.  Once again, on this morning, he came to my rescue by lending me the small wooden stool he sits on when steering his boat. By coincidence, I had chosen his caique to paint in watercolor and needed something to sit on. He finished his work before I finished mine, so he asked me to leave the stool next to a piling when I was done. Everyone I’ve encountered here shows that kind of trust. This is a place where people still leave their houses unlocked.

His caique is typical of the wooden sailing boats on the island. I’ll be painting them from time to time.  In the next photo, you’ll see a cat leaving the boat with his catch in his mouth. A brood of cats had been clamoring for Antonios to throw them some fish, but this one couldn’t wait and jumped on board to help himself. Antonios, kind man that he is, didn’t mind a bit. A crowd of ducks had also gathered around the dock. Are they the new cats of Plomari?


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1 Response to Gone Fishing

  1. Athan says:

    Harriet, I love the cat-fish pic!

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