I’m posting from Molyvos–a medieval hill town in the north of the island. The houses are made of stone, leading up to a castle on the top of the hill. There’s a small harbor and a unique agora–it’s on a cobblestone street wide enough for a small car and is covered by wisteria vines–some over a hundred years old. The people here are friendly, welcoming, and helpful, as they are everywhere I’ve been in Greece (including big city Athens).

Aside from the capitol of the island, Mytiline, it’s the most cosmopolitan and cultured of the Lesvian towns.

This morning I made a start on an oil painting of a large earthenware jug in a field (it looks like an archaeological dig was started in the field), a large pine tree, houses, the sea, and mountains in the distance. Three children, Fotine (which means ‘light’ in Greek), Anita, and Raphael (named after a saint of the island) who live across the street from the field came to watch. After watching for a while, one of the girl shyly asked me how much my paintings cost, for she and her sister would like to buy one each. Very sweet.

Tomorrow, back to the same spot to continue working on the painting.

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